Gift cards as catalysts: Inspiring positive action in the United States

Gift cards as catalysts: Inspiring positive action in the United States

Gift cards as catalysts: Inspiring positive action in the United States

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In an ever-evolving society filled with persistent social issues, it is essential to explore innovative methods that inspire positive action and propel social change. Amidst a myriad of incentive tools, gift cards have emerged as a potent catalyst, igniting motivation within individuals and communities to actively engage in the creation of a better society. By leveraging their intrinsic value and appeal, gift cards are inspiring volunteerism, sustainable practices, health and wellness, and charitable giving in the United States.

  • Tobacco Free Florida, a social campaign in the United States, offered gift cards to volunteers for attending programs that encouraged people to quit smoking. The program was initially launched in February 2023 and will continue till June 2023. The incentive program was launched in nine-county, including Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota.

The program was implemented using a US$2.7 million grant from the Florida Department of Health. With the gift card incentive program, authorities are expecting a surge in participation by as much as 35%. More such gift card programs have been announced in the United States recently. For instance,

  • In response to the San Diego Humane Society's significant increase in sheltered adult dogs, a new incentive program was introduced in April 2023. The program was aimed to encourage individuals to foster large dogs. As part of the program, volunteers who would foster a dog weighing more than 50 pounds for two weeks were provided with a US$100 gift card.
  • Vitalant, a non-profit transfusion medicine organization, also leveraged gift cards to encourage blood donation in Colorado. Amid the critical need for blood donation, especially Type O, the non-profit organization offered a chance to win up to US$10,000 gift cards to volunteers donating blood. The gift card incentive program was launched with the vision to encourage blood donation among its citizens.

The launch of the innovative gift card program comes at a time when donation is declining at a rapid rate in the United States. In comparison to the pre-pandemic period, there is a substantial 20% decrease in the number of donors. The trend of remote work has also contributed to the donation downfall. According to Vitalant, business-hosted blood drives have reduced by half in 2022, as compared to the levels seen in 2019. Through the gift card program, Vitalant is expecting more and more donors to come forward, and become eligible for the incentives.

Apart from such initiatives that are aimed at driving volunteerism for different causes, gift cards have been widely leveraged by government bodies across the United States over the last two years. Several Department of Health launched gift card incentive programs to encourage Covid-19 vaccination among the locals. The trend has further continued in the United States in 2023.

  • Austin Public Health, in March 2023, announced a gift card incentive program for everyone who receives any dose of Covid-19 vaccination to raise the uptake in the community.
  • Even with the falling cases, Cook County continued to provide gift cards to its citizens for receiving booster doses. In February 2023, the Cook County Department of Public Health announced that it will pay US$100 in gift cards to people receiving the bivalent Covid-19 vaccine booster.

In addition to such programs, several regional governments have also announced gift card programs to boost their local economy. La Habra, for instance, announced that it will send out gift cards worth US$200 to eligible residents for shopping locally. The City Council announced the program to boost business growth that was reeling under the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. Many more such gift card programs have been announced all over the United States to drive consumer spending and support local businesses.

Going forward, PayNXT360 expects more such gift card incentive programs to be launched in the United States, which will encourage volunteerism and bring positive social change in society. These programs are also expected to aid the growth of the gift card market in the United States from the short to medium-term perspective. As the popularity of gift cards continues to grow, PayNXT360 expects gift cards to be used more widely for such initiatives all over the world, over the next three to four years.

To know more and gain a deeper understanding of the gift card industry in the United States, click here.

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