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ConsumerIntel360's Technology Platform analyzes thousands of data points both online and offline on plant protein product strategy, innovation, and consumer behaviour, to help you spot unique opportunities that directly impact revenues.

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Across Technology categories, understand demand gap / white space analysis, competitive landscape, brand share, claims analysis, product innovation, and ingredient analysis. Get detailed view of market opportunity across 50+ segments and shift in consumption by consumer demographics.

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Granular Quality Data
Granular Quality Data

Tracking over 50 market segments in plant protein industry across top 50 economies, ConsumerIntel360's market opportunity database offers the most detailed view.

Plant Protein Product Analytics
Plant Protein Product Analytics

Leverage product analytics database to understand innovation along with product positioning and targeting strategies adopted to gain market share.

Robust Methodology
Robust Methodology

Leveraging proprietary technology and extensive surveys, the platform analyzes thousands of data points both online and offline on plant protein product strategy, innovation, and consumer behaviour.

Customized Solution
Customized Solution

Wide range of consulting services from market assessment and competitive landscape analysis to consumer insights, targeting strategies, acquisition target identification, and more!

Globally, investment in the embedded finance sector has surged significantly as both fintech firms and banking institutions seek to capitalize on the growing shift toward embedded financial offerings. Digital platforms and businesses are increasingly integrating financial services into their products and services to drive customer loyalty, revenue growth, and convenience.

Private equity and venture capital firms are also foreseeing high growth in the sector, especially in countries like India, where the market will record strong growth as more consumers bank, invest, borrow, and make online transactions. Owing to the young population, coupled with the growing shift towards new-age technologies, the embedded finance sector is projected to record strong growth over the next three to four years in India.

The growth in the segment will be driven by the embedded payment sector, while embedded insurance and embedded lending are also projected to become high-growth areas from the short to medium-term perspective. An increasing number of businesses are leveraging embedded finance to create a competitive advantage and increase their revenue share by offering financial services. The sector has emerged as lead the growth of the Indian fintech industry and the trend is projected to further continue amid the growing digitalization.

In the United States, digital banking has gained increasing prominence as consumers prefer to bank through mobile applications. This digital push has driven the growth of the embedded finance industry over the last few years. From buy now pay later payment solution to insurance offering, embedded finance solution has become the new normal for most in the United States.

The growing innovation in the fintech space has led many consumers to completely avoid visits to traditional banking branches in the country. As conventional banking institutions continue to cede ground to innovative fintech firms, banks are also expected to turn to embedded finance solutions to compete with fintech players.

In Europe, retailers are looking at embedded finance as an opportunity to drive revenue and accelerate business growth. E-commerce platforms and distributors are offering financial products, such as credits, loans, and even debit cards, to their customers. With more and more consumers changing the way they source financial services and moving out of traditional banking channels, the trend is projected to further accelerate in Europe.

Furthermore, with innovative embedded finance platforms making integration of regulated products into the customer journey as simple as creating an online account, the embedded finance industry is projected to record significant growth. As the appetite for embedded finance continues to grow, the mergers and acquisition trends are also expected to gain momentum in the European market from the short to medium-term perspective.

The Australian payments ecosystem has been also growing at a steady pace over the last few years. The innovation led by the buy now pay later sector along with the growing adoption of digital payments among consumers during the global pandemic period has driven the growth of the embedded finance industry in Australia. The trend is projected to further continue in the Australian market, as global players and domestic firms continue to invest in the space.

From the short to medium-term perspective, the global market is also projected to record robust growth in the B2B embedded lending space, as small businesses struggle to access working capital through traditional channels.

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