About US

About US

PayNXT360 is a strategy research and consulting firm offering business intelligence on prepaid cards, gift cards, mobile wallets, international and domestic remittance, BNPL, and emerging innovative payment trends. PayNXT360's unbiased and accurate analysis combines industry level opportunities, consumer dynamics, and market risks to deliver the most comprehensive intelligence.

Value Proposition

Our research solutions help companies and institutions in the prepaid payment ecosystem to understand industry dynamics, gain insights into consumer attitude and behaviour, and strategize to gain market share.

Banking & capital market
Non-Banking Institutions
Professional Services Firms
Technology Firms
Technology Firms
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Issuer & Processor
How we do it?

PayNXT360’s research methodology is based on industry best practices approved by leading research, consulting, and advisory firms. Our robust research methodology ensures that you always receive the most reliable data that can help you make business decisions in the payment industry.

Consumer Research

Conduct country specific consumer surveys to gain unique insights into retail spend, changing behaviours, understanding changing corporate payment mechanism, and key concerns across prepaid and digital spectrum.

Interviews with Market Leaders

We gather country specific insights through our network of market leaders who are engaged in developing and implementing payment strategies. Primary research inputs together with publicly available information feeds into our proprietary models to generate a robust dataset.

Domain Expertise

Our team comprises a team of domain experts who gather data from a range of secondary and primary sources, This includes both internal and external experts with market specific knowledge.

Real Time Tracking

Comprehensive tracking of 50+ countries across 250+ markets segments on a daily basis enables PayNXT360 offer high quality data and analysis. Our desk research process gathers data from reliable government, company, institutional and industry sources.

In-depth Company Research

Company analysis is a key element of our research methodology, offering insights into growth strategies adopted to gain market share across key payment segments, Inputs from company research feeds into our core market opportunity estimation and forecasting models.

Robust Quality Check & Validations

Our research teams collect data through transparent and auditable research methods. Data collected goes through a series of checks and validation through internal and external domain experts, ensuring high quality across all stages of research.

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