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Gift card processing and distribution platform, nth Card, has proposed gift card sales services targeted at mid-size merchants. This customer segment includes regional chains, e-commerce businesses and retailers with multiple location stores which often suffer from lower gift card sales at per store level. It has been observed that such retailers do not get optimum level services from third party gift card distribution providers. This results in restricting gift offering to own physical store and online platform. Additionally, these merchants often work with multiple service providers that adds to operational incompetence. Hence, these merchants do not gain full benefits of their gift card sales and fail to compete with larger retail chains. nth Card proposes additional gift card sales points for such merchants that will allow increased sales of digital as well as physical gift cards.

According to PayNXT360, gift card transaction value in the US is expected to reach US$ 215 billion in 2017.

Until now larger retailers have experienced the benefit of this segment. However, with services from nth Card it can be expected that mid-size merchants will also be able to gain benefits in terms of customer base and revenue in current times adding to the value of this segment.

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