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The Toronto-based payment solutions provider, Payment Source, in association with Canada Revenue Agency has facilitated the payment of taxes for the Canadians through Canada Post locations. The remittance forms for T1 taxes sent by CRA from this year will also contain a Payment Source’s Loadhub technology powered embedded QR Code. The taxpayers can also generate their own QR codes through website. The taxpayers can scan these codes at over 6000 Canada Post locations across the country to make tax settlement with CRA with the use of cash or debit card.

Highly beneficial for the unbanked population across the country, the facility to make tax payments at Canada Post locations also makes in-person payments possible even for the remote area populations. The last-minute tax-payers also stand to benefit from this facility as the use of QR codes enable the CRA to immediately receive the payments.

Deposits to the prepaid Visa card offered by Payment source can be made from 5200 Canada Post locations throughout the country. Payment Source recently has also associated with Amazon in November 2017 to enable Amazon account reloading from Canada Post locations. The payment provider also entered into partnership with PayTM Canada on 5th February 2018, providing them the Loadhub technology for enabling a new PayTM Cash feature.

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