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The intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and social media is expected to bring an array of advantages to marketers who constantly innovate to reach out to the end consumer. The potential of AI combined with marketing automation and social media can enable marketers to target niche segment of consumers. Social media platforms are leveraging AI to offer personalized recommendations to users and focus on mobile payment is one of the key emerging trends. The real time interactions between brands and customers will further promote loyalty and increase sales.

Facebook launched an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant named “M” that is designed to automate tasks. M will pop into the user’s Facebook Messenger chat window and offers suggestions and perform actions on the user’s behalf. The feature is currently available for Android and iOS users in the US, with a global expansion plan later in 2017. M analyzes the user’s conversations and offers suggestions such as – sending stickers, initiating payment requests through Messenger, call Uber or Lyft, coordinating a travel plan with friends. For instance, if a user types ‘you owe me $10’ in their Messenger, M pops up to suggest using the Messenger’s P2P payments service.

China-based firm Tencent is investing in AI to utilize the technology’s application in social media, online games, and cloud services. Social media platforms are encouraging users to make use of digital payment services and there is a lot of positive sentiment around this across social media. Hence, marketers and social media platforms themselves, are utilizing AI to track conversations and payment trends on social media and encourage users to adopt digital wallets.

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