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Expanse Coin is set to record huge increase in 2018 owing to the partnership between Expanse.Tech and the South American payment platform Payza. The 100% increase in the coin will be driven by expansion of its customer reach with 9 million active users of the Payza platform. The Payza platform will put Expanse at an advantageous position in terms of an alternative network in case of a required divergence from Ethereum in future.

Payza being an established and recognized payment platform for currency exchange and instant fund transfers, will give further impetus to the Expanse coin. Dealing with more than 50 cryptocurrencies and 25 fiat currencies, the Payza platform offers its users with a secure, dynamic and efficient payments and transfer platform. Inclusion of Expanse Coin to the Payza platform will allow its users with an additional cryptocurrency as an investment choice and expose the coin to the vast user base of the platform.

Expanse Coin, which witnessed a dull phase for almost two years, picked up its price after the maturity of the Expanse Bond System in June 2017. On 6th January, 2018, the price reached its all-time high of $9 with a market capitalization of $70 million. Currently, the daily average trading volume of the coin is $23 million. 

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