Hotels, by leveraging AI are delivering premium guest experiences to drive customer loyalty

Hotels, by leveraging AI are delivering premium guest experiences to drive customer loyalty

Hotels, by leveraging AI are delivering premium guest experiences to drive customer loyalty

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Though all the industries were badly affected by the pandemic, the hotel industry was the hardest hit. Therefore, to get back in business, hotel chains are employing all probable strategies to get back in business. Hotel businesses mainly revolve around creating an everlasting customer experience for the guests to retain them. Thus, to enhance customer loyalty in the hospitality business, hotels need advanced and powerful technology such as artificial intelligence. This would help them deliver premium guest experiences at reasonable prices, thereby magnifying business revenue and profits.

Moreover, fuelled by digitization, customers are now uninspired by traditional rigid loyalty programs, with unused points and limited brand affinity. Therefore innovative AI-based loyalty platforms are coming into being to meet the rising demand of the hotel industry. For instance,

  • In February 2021, Laasie, launched an AI-powered loyalty platform for the hospitality sector called Laasie Retain. It now provides services to around 1,200 hotels and resorts through a network of more than 1,000 instant gratification partners. Importantly, the platform removes points and tier segments, the typical traits of traditional loyalty programs. Instead, Laasie uses artificial intelligence and big data to create loyalty with a personalized experience for the customers. The platform also provides instant rewards that motivate customer actions such as booking directly, making a return visit, and many more.

Whether the customer is booking on the hotel’s website, this platform helps the hotel to drive the net revenue since it helps to increase loyalty enrolment and redemption with every interaction with the customer. In addition to this, the hotels can make use of Laasie’s AI-powered Email Marketing feature to provide unique, personalized rewards to each customer.

Therefore, it is projected that a platform that uses data intelligently to power consumer engagement will attract a significant number of hotel chains, thereby generating revenue over the longer run. For instance, Margaritaville Hotels & Resorts had already entered into a partnership with the platform to elevate their brand experience and drive scalable growth and customer loyalty.

  • Another AI-backed product, AxisRooms, brought into the market a complete range of products for the hospitality industry to handle hotel operations irrespective of the scale of the business. AxisRooms, through its tools such as a booking engine, channel manager, property management system, revenue management system, vacation rental software and rate shopper, enables the hotel to deliver a quality customer experience.

Another way AI is becoming mainstream in the hotel industry is through integrated chatbots. These chatbots have become the preferred assistance for hoteliers in managing multiple guests. From the online queries of potential guests to minimizing the pressure of the front desk employees, all are taken care of by the chatbots. Self-check-in kiosks are also getting popular in the hotel industry, which is helping to improve customer service together with the reduction of hassles of check-in routines. This helps in augmenting guest experience, which helps the hotels to stand out from the rest, driving sales of the business.

Therefore, AI technology in the hospitality industry helps hotel chains to leverage the power of personalization for better service, efficiency and effectiveness. Personalized communication experience with the guests helps to strengthen the relationship and trust, driving growth in business. In addition to this, personalization helps the hotel chains to connect with the customers in a better way, thereby improving your loyal customer base for business scalability.

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