Gaming rewards are partnering up with social media platforms to drive customer engagement

Gaming rewards are partnering up with social media platforms to drive customer engagement

Gaming rewards are partnering up with social media platforms to drive customer engagement

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With digitalization becoming commonplace in how businesses engage their customers, new innovative platforms are emerging in the gaming market for loyalty rewards. On the other hand, games are now increasingly becoming channels for branded content with the evolution of social media platforms in recent times. 

Specifically, the massive penetration of the gaming industry has made room for gaming rewards to build player loyalty and retain and encourage day-to-day engagement. Therefore, gaming rewards platforms are entering into a partnership with social gaming networks to attract more gamers, driving customer loyalty in the space. For instance,

  • In June 2022, Gambit Rewards, Inc. (Gambit) announced building a partnership with Gen Z Social Gaming Network, Gamelancer, to introduce Gambit’s unique free-to-play sports betting and iGaming platform Gamelancer’s audience of social gamers. Through this partnership, Gamelancer can redeem Gamelancer points for experiencing Gambit’s free sports betting and iGaming platform. Likewise, all Gambit users will also be able to redeem Gambit Prize Tokens for Gamelancer points and also be able to claim winnings through these points. Thus, the gamified loyalty experience and social gaming network will work perfectly to complement, elevating the gaming experience for the users.

Gambit is one of the key leaders in developing consumer rewards programs that allow users to play free games and win cash prizes. Its loyalty gaming model is designed that enhances all forms of user promotions and incentives. Therefore, this collaboration with Gamelancer, which has more than 28 million followers and subscribers on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram, will help both parties generate revenue over the long run.

Since the Loyalty Gaming model of Gambit is designed to elevate user promotions and incentives, it will attract a vast audience of Gamelancer, driving customer loyalty. Gambit, which offers free-to-play gift cards, is now available in maximum states of the United States. Importantly, Gambit is a regulator-approved customer network offering point redemption through participating loyalty sites. Therefore, the GenZ gaming community will boost this partnership, expanding loyalty and rewards operators to our ever-expanding offerings to our fans.

Games, by nature, are engaging and interactive and, therefore, provide points of emotional resonance. Generally, gamers are exceptionally loyal to brands they adopt and communicate rewards and value offerings amongst their networks. Thus, gaming rewards help in attracting gamers through loyalty networks, increasing new customers signing up. In addition, the GenZ social media network of Gamelancer will further help in customer acquisition, retention and conversion, driving customer loyalty. 

Since people spend more time on social media, many gaming businesses are turning to social media platforms to connect with their users. These social media platforms are used by various businesses to sell products and attract potential customers to interact, increasing customer engagement. 

With the growing demand for gaming, and the rise of social media, communicating with gamers is no longer an option – it is a requirement. Therefore, it is projected that the gaming rewards platform will help create a loyal customer base through the social media network of GenZ customers over the medium to long-term perspective.

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