Eidoo introduces single wallet and trading platform for multiple cryptocurrencies

Eidoo introduces single wallet and trading platform for multiple cryptocurrencies

Eidoo introduces single wallet and trading platform for multiple cryptocurrencies

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Increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has resulted in demand for improvised and innovative platforms for using and trading of these digital currencies. Identifying with the customer expectation for a single platform for using all the cryptocurrencies, Eidoo has brought in Eidoo wallet. The wallet designed for access through mobile, integrates Ethereum, Bitcoin, and all ERC20 tokens. Moreover, Eidoo also operates as a hybrid exchange enabling users to trade and convert cryptocurrencies on a single platform.

Eidoo has eased out managing of cryptocurrencies by designing an application with interface that simplifies the human and blockchain interaction. The wallet provides an enhanced user experience with giving control of managing and securing multiple cryptocurrency accounts, addresses and sign in keys with a single password. The company has also teamed up with ORS SA, a Swiss –based technology company, for integration of artificial intelligence algorithms with the wallet to make it hypersmart. The integration would further add on to the enhancement of their offering by providing a personalized user experience and, automatically investing and trading in digital assets based on users preferences and risk appetite.  Another distinguished feature of the Eidoo wallet is the automation of ERC20 token recognition. By implementing a special index, the wallet has the ability of grouping the legitimate tokens and labeling the other token not there in the special index as untrusted to avoid frauds.

The company’s hybrid exchange is expected to be launched soon, with Eidoo token (EDO)/ETH being the first cryptocurrency pair available on the exchange. The exchange operating as two teams, Ethereum and Bitcoin, facilitates complete fund control. With Ethereum smart contract based user accounts, the exchange enables settling and finalizing buying and selling, and prevents unauthorized access to the funds of a user. The exchange allows users to create orders based on their trade balance with multiple security layers. The Ethereum smart contracts double checks the order matching and execution before charging the users. The new users of the exchange are required to first undergo a small ETH contract to activate the account and cover the Ethereum blockchain fees.  The company also plans to implement a debit card and decentralized marketplace in the future.

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