Chinese social e-commerce firms are expanding their geographical presence to drive the next growth phase

Chinese social e-commerce firms are expanding their geographical presence to drive the next growth phase

Chinese social e-commerce firms are expanding their geographical presence to drive the next growth phase

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At a time when the domestic economy is sputtering, China-based social e-commerce firms are seeking to expand their geographical presence to drive the next growth phase of their business. Notably, the strategy of geographical expansion to drive business growth has many adopted by many major e-commerce giants, including AliExpress and Shein, over the years. Now, Pinduoduo, one of the leading players in the Chinese e-commerce industry, has announced that the firm is entering the United States to further accelerate its business growth.

  • In September 2022, Pinduoduo announced the launch of Temu in the United States, as part of its first major overseas push. Notably, the platform will offer products across different categories, including health, jewelry, fashion, home supplies, and much more. Through the launch of Temu in the United States, Pinduoduo is targeting consumers that are inclined to purchase cost-effective products. This is why majority of the products sold by the platform are priced under US$10.

Before tapping into the large pool of online shoppers in the United States, the firm is looking to onboard merchants across different product categories. Consequently, to attract more and more merchants to sell through Temu, the firm is offering an exemption of commission fees and registration at the initial stage. Merchants partnering with Temu to sell products in the United States will be required to send inventory to the warehouses of Pinduoduo in China, meaning that the firm will take care of the e-commerce operations, logistics, and sales. 

The launch of the e-commerce site in the United States means that Pinduoduo will be competing directly with Amazon, the leader in the e-commerce sector, along with players such as eBay.

Notably, the social e-commerce firm has been able to create a strong customer base of 880 million in China. The group shopping feature launched by the firm in China is among the strategies that have helped the firm in achieving widespread popularity over the years.  Notably, the firm allows users to spot a deal on its shopping platform and then share the products with their friends and families, to buy at a discounted rate, when doing a group purchase. Pinduoduo is expected to implement a similar strategy with Temu in the United States.

Despite being a late entrant in the Chinese e-commerce industry, Pinduoduo has been one of the most competitive players in the internet retail space over the last few years. Even in the current macroeconomic conditions, the firm is projected to record revenue growth of 2.5% in healthy revenue growth in 2022. During the second quarter, the firm reported an increase of 36% year on year, with revenue reaching US$5.4 billion.   

One of the major challenges which PayNXT360 expects Temu to face in the United States market will be generating trust and awareness among consumers. While most consumers prefer Amazon as their leading choice for online shopping, gaining traction among consumers will be difficult. Moreover, Amazon also offers the same-day delivery option to its Prime members. This is one of the biggest competitive advantages that Amazon has over other players in the region.

While Temu could leverage its network of low-cost manufacturers in China, which has not yet expanded in the United States, to offer more product choices at better prices, PayNXT360 expects the firm to face an uphill task to gain market share. However, its strategy to launch ahead of the year-end shopping season can drive consumer traffic to the online shopping platform in the United States.

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