Charitable gift card organizations are expanding their reach through partnerships in the United States

Charitable gift card organizations are expanding their reach through partnerships in the United States

Charitable gift card organizations are expanding their reach through partnerships in the United States

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Gift cards are serving a new purpose in a pandemic-struck world. Charity organizations and local governments around the world are using prepaid cards to efficiently disburse financial aid and emergency funding to help people affected by the pandemic. These charity gift cards work like conventional gift cards; only the recipient spends the card amount on a charity. For instance, 

In March 2022, United States-based charity gift card organization TisBest Philanthropy (TisBest) entered into a partnership with HealthPrize, an innovative organization to motivate health behavior change. The HealthPrize program is carried out by various pharmaceutical companies, health plans, employers, and providers to help the participants to earn points. Various educational content, activities, and motivational features keep engaged the participants to better self-manage their care which helps them have better health knowledge, improved medication adherence, and decreased cost of care. These points can then be redeemed through, buying e-gift cards from retailers that target social determinants of health, buying a curated set of health-related products, and by donating to any of TisBest’s network of non-profit organizations

Therefore, the partnership will facilitate the participants to exchange points earned for healthy activities for donations to any of TisBest’s network non-profit organizations (NGOs). There are more than 1.8 million NGOs under TisBest, which work in the field of health and wellness, children and youth, and disaster and global relief. 

Notably, these charity gift cards help the recipients to donate the card’s value to charities of their choice. TisBest had helped individuals through gifting by donating US$51 million to charity. Therefore, through non-material gifts, TisBest with HealthPrize is likely to contribute to improved health outcomes in people facing lifelong chronic conditions in the country.

In November 2021, TisBest, also partnered with philanthropist Ray Dalio in order to give away 20,000 US$50 TisBest Charity Gift Cards to the public. The campaign named #RedefineGifting will donate around US$1 million dollars’ worth to people. This campaign helps an individual to claim this charity gift card and immediately donate to a charity they want to support.

According to TisBest, people spend US$15.2 billion on unwanted Christmas gifts each year in the country. Through this initiative, TisBest helped people experience non-material gifts and enabled connecting with people through the various United States-based charities.

Moreover, during 2020, when the pandemic was reaching its peak, Dalio with other well-known figures from the entertainment and business—Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Arianna Huffington, Kevin Systrom, Dr. Oz, Gayle King, and many others—collaborated to give away TisBest Charity Gift Cards. These eminent persons gave away US$2 million dollars’ worth of gift cards to more than 30,000 people to help them donate to charities of their choice. 

TisBest, which had constantly been working towards its aim of encouraging others to give charity gift cards, launched a partnership and premiered an original digital series on Ellen Digital’s superbrand hub “smile.”

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