CarbonPay launches a business-prepaid card that automatically offsets carbon footprint with every transaction

CarbonPay launches a business-prepaid card that automatically offsets carbon footprint with every transaction

CarbonPay launches a business-prepaid card that automatically offsets carbon footprint with every transaction

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A sustainable fintech platform CarbonPay has announced the launch of its corporate prepaid offering, CarbonPay Business Ctrl. It offers a prepaid card for businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom, which helps to offset their carbon footprint automatically with every transaction. For every US$ 1.50 spent on the prepaid card, CabonPay offsets 1 kg of CO2 at no extra cost. The simple and transparent pricing plan is suitable for any business, with just paying US$ 5 per month per cardholder. 

The main aim of the CarbonPay is to help people and businesses across the globe make a simple and impactful change that helps in fighting against climate change. The company is turning every transaction made on the cards into meaningful climate action by offsetting CO2 every time a user pays. Users can support the world-changing projects for climate action by just using CarbonPay cards. 

CarbonPay enables businesses to switch to CarbonPay Business Ctrl by integrating into accounting platforms while making expense management easy by capturing digital receipts and automated reconciliation. CarbonPay Business Ctrl offers physical cards, digital cards, lodge cards and virtual cards, and it is now available on ApplePay and GooglePay in the US. With CarbonPay Business Ctrl, users can load funds to the business account and set up a card limit without worrying about interest rates and payment due dates as there is no credit involved. The company's physical cards are made from recycled plastic as a step toward fighting against climate change. 

Visa and Stripe power CarbonPay's prepaid card to provide secure payment to users. CarbonPay is a part of Visa's Fintech Fast Track program; it also offers the same security and capabilities as Visa's global payment network. Users can easily track the carbon footprint of each transaction through ecolytiq, a Sustainability-as-a-Service platform that helps to understand the environmental impact of their spending. 

ClimateCare and SeaTrees are two climate action organizations that finance, develop, and manage the world's sustainability projects and support CarbonPay's efforts to offset CO2 emissions. Moreover, Carbonpay is a user of Stripe Climate, which contributes funds from CarbonPay to frontier technologies that help remove carbon from the atmosphere. In addition to helping businesses, CarbonPay is also committed to donating 1% of its annual sales to support the non-profit organization's work for the environment. CarbonPay plans to launch its Business charge card and Personal card offerings in late 2022. Businesses looking for net zero emissions and sustainable spending can always opt for CarbonPay payment cards. As many companies are on the way to transit to a low-carbon economy, innovations like these prepaid cards help reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable financial solutions to modern-day business challenges.

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